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Our mission is to collaborate with leading professionals across diverse industries, ensuring the advancement, profitability, and sustainability of businesses through the highest standards of risk management. Leveraging our extensive insurance industry experience, we offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to mitigate risks, lower overall costs, and assess specific business exposures for our partners."

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We constitute a team of seasoned professionals and experts specializing in insurance consulting and risk management, dedicated to safeguarding your company's assets and interests.
CEO’ Message: Dear Valued Partners, in recognizing the pressing need for specialized insurance and risk management consulting, our journey at Jabr & Co. was born. We stand apart by distinguishing ourselves as insurance consultants, not merely brokers, because we understand that businesses often overlook insurance coverage, dismissing it as unnecessary. It's during these times that expert guidance becomes critical to ensure seamless operations with minimal risk. We work closely with our clients to fulfill their unique needs and never hesitate to look beyond the usual insurers when necessary. Warm regards, Riad Jabr CEO, Jabr & Co.
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Every organization regardless of its line of business should have an insurance plan that enables it to Resume its normal activity in the shortest time possible in the event of a damaging incident. Such plan should be revised by insurance professionals following a comprehensive study of the risks involved. It should propose as well the optimal course of action and the corresponding costs. The plan should be revisited periodically to reflect the changes in the business and accordingly be adjusted. Our extensive experience in the field shows that many insurance coverages do not meet fully the particular business needs. Some insurance companies take advantage of these discrepancies in case mishap or accident. It is therefore of primary importance to recognize these shortages and suggest the appropriate coverage.