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Jabr & Co. is a distinguished team of insurance consultants with over three decades of industry expertise. Our seasoned professionals have offered invaluable insurance guidance to a diverse clientele spanning Jordan, Palestine, and the United Arab Emirates. Our extensive portfolio encompasses businesses across various sectors, both public and private, including numerous international entities such as banks, municipalities, manufacturing, medical institutions, and government offices

Recognizing the imperative for specialized insurance and risk management consultation, our team of experts united to establish Jabr & Co. We understand that certain businesses may underestimate the significance of particular insurance coverage or perceive it as an unnecessary expenditure. In such instances, the need for professional advice becomes paramount to ensure continuous operations with minimal risk exposure. Notably, Jabr & Co. distinguishes itself as insurance consultants rather than brokers, demonstrating our commitment to tailor solutions to clients' precise needs rather than adhering to specific insurance providers
CEO’ Message: Dear Valued Partners, in recognizing the pressing need for specialized insurance and risk management consulting, our journey at Jabr & Co. was born. We stand apart by distinguishing ourselves as insurance consultants, not merely brokers, because we understand that businesses often overlook insurance coverage, dismissing it as unnecessary. It's during these times that expert guidance becomes critical to ensure seamless operations with minimal risk. We work closely with our clients to fulfill their unique needs and never hesitate to look beyond the usual insurers when necessary. Warm regards, Riad Jabr CEO, Jabr & Co.
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