Our extensive experience in the field shows that many insurance coverages do not meet fully the particular business needs. Some insurance companies take advantage of these discrepancies in case mishap or accident. It is therefore of primary importance to recognize these shortages and suggest the appropriate coverage.

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Real Estate / Construction



How We Work?

We have 37 years experience in Investment & financial advising.


Identify & Analyze Operational Risks

Categorize the risks according to significance and implication.


Customize a Tailor-Made Policy

Tailor insurance policies to match the unique needs of clients, ensuring they have the right types and levels of coverage.

Compare Competitive Offers

Compare offers attained from multiple insurance companies regarding many aspects.


Follow Up

We stay in contact with our clients throughout the whole insurance year making sure their needs are fulfilled, accidents are taken care of, and additions are made when needed.

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Affirming Jabr & Co. as the leading insurance and risk management Consultancy in the region through the pursuit of world class services s
Assisting our partners to eliminate risks whenever possible, reduce their total cost through products and services specific to their line of business, as well as assess their business exposures.